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Have an intuitive healing-related question? We have the answer! Check out our FAQs below to learn more about our company.

What is the SWWS (Soul Work With Shannon) Coaching and Training Program?

It is a program designed by an intuitive healer to help develop intuitive skills for shifting and realigning with your authentic self. It encompasses the healing of the trinity: mind, body, and spirit using energy healing tools, chakra balancing, metaphysical skills, yoga, and cognitive awareness. The mission is to uplift and empower true nature. According to Statista, among millennials, the sense of being unhealthy is especially strong. About 80% of adults under the age of 36 reported that they “could be healthier.” We are here to help.

What is an Intuitive Healer?

An intuitive healer is a person who uses intuitive perception to read energy that goes beyond the physical realm and then channels healing energy to remove system imbalances and restore vibrancy and life force.

What is intuitive healing?

It is a gentle and powerful therapy using energy modalities like chakra balancing, light, sound, or color to clear a blockage and restore your inner source of vibrancy and well-being. Contact our intuitive healer to get started.

What is chakra balancing?

Chakra balancing is used by an intuitive healer and identifies where light is hitting each chakra needing healing. Then, take action using healing tools of light, sound, color, breath, or touch to restore balance, freedom, and equanimity.

What is energy reading?

It is a skill used by an experienced intuitive healer. It can be developed or one can enlist the help of a healing practitioner to assist in finding the blocks or limitations that need support and clearing.

What is energy work?

It is like ‘intuitive healing’ just using different words. Contact our intuitive healer to improve your well-being.

What does a one-to-one energy balancing session look like?

Upon arrival, an intuitive healer will ask you to describe what you feel led to working with us and how I may best serve you in your session. We will then begin with a short meditation together where I will go inward and greet your higher self and look at your energy system. In this opening, I ask your higher self to help me identify what is most important and beneficial to you at this moment. As the client, you will also go inward and observe anything you are feeling in your body. We share our discoveries together throughout the appointment and use these messages of the body to release, enlighten, and manifest. Our collaboration around the energetic currents of your body is key to your healing!

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