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Heal the Subtle Body with Advanced
Energy Work
  • A one to one 60 minute therapy seated in a chair. This is a hands off therapy.

  • Sessions are in-person OR by phone/video call

  • Sliding Scale $75-$110

What is Chakra Balancing?

Chakra Balancing is an energy reading of the subtle body, the seven chakras, to identify imbalances, where energy is moving in excess or not at all. Energy imbalances in the chakras can be in the

conscious or unconscious field. Examples of imbalances are patterns of self-defeat, fear, pain, fatigue, codependency, or anything that is weighing us down, or holding us back from achieving our goals. Once the imbalances are identified then techniques of breath, sound, affirmation, light, and movement are used to facilitate the release and clearing in the chakras.

What to expect from a Chakra Balancing session?

A Chakra Balancing session can be done in-person or remotely with a phone call or video call. Balancing sessions are typically done while seated comfortably. The session begins with you describing what you feel guided to work on and how I may best serve you in your session. We will then begin with a short meditation together where I will go inward and greet your Higher Self and look at your energy system, your chakras. In this opening, I ask your Higher Self to help me identify what is most important and beneficial to you at this moment. 


As the client, you will also go inward and observe anything you are feeling in your body. We share our discoveries together throughout the appointment and use these messages of the body to release, enlighten, and manifest. Our collaboration around the energetic currents of your body is key to your healing! After the session most people state that they feel a renewed sense of equilibrium, lightness, peace, and calm.

Why is Chakra Balancing Important?

Chakra Balancing is empowering, it invites you to hone into your own awareness of your energy field. The presence of the facilitator who guides and supports becomes a mirror and witness to your discoveries. This affirms your knowing of your true self and your ability to heal from within. Each person is their own HEALER.What you experience from your session is highly individual. The sessions are generally deeply releasing, creating feelings of warmth or gentle pulsing or relaxation in the areas the therapist is working. 

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