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A Breath and Energy Based Practice
  • A 50 minute session for 1-2 people

  • Sliding Scale $50-$100

What is my teaching approach?

My yoga style is breath and energy based and I teach to the person in front of me. I see what their body is able to do and start there. I teach breathing first because there is no yoga without the breath. Breath allows us to feel sensation in the body on both the gross and subtle level. Breath gives us depth perception, a way of feeling where and what the body is doing in space and time and it is an

important self regulation tool. After breath comes the postures, this is where I teach spatial alignment which creates more space in the body allowing for increased flow of vital energy. Then blend the breath and the postures together and then voila… have YOGA. 

Why yoga?

Yoga is a wonderful practice and gateway into self-awareness and embodiment because it draws our attention to the body and this is where it all happens! Yoga encourages us to become deeply grounded in the body which allows us to better respond and adapt to ourself and our world. It goes without saying that when we move and breathe our health is better, our mind is clearer, and we simply feel better all the way around. 


Many people say, “Yoga saved my life,” I believe once the basics of breath and posture are integrated yoga becomes a meditation of experiential knowledge because it affects the multi-layered parts of ourselves in thought, sensation, emotion, wisdom, and goodness. It answers the fundamental question, “who am I?”

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