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What can I expect from my Energy Balancing session?

I began my journey as a spiritual teacher at age eighteen. After graduating from massage school I realized I was doing more than massage, I was psychically reading the energy in the body. Through a myriad of mentors and trainings I continued to hone my intuitive skills. My work has morphed into what I now call SoulWork with Shannon, a continued practice and development of energy reading and psychic abilities. 

In a nutshell Soulwork with Shannon is Energy Reading and Chakra Balancing. As an intuitive healer, I am guided by reading the energy in your body. Upon arrival, I will ask you to describe what you feel led to work on and how I may best serve you in your session. We will then begin with a short meditation together where I will go inward and greet your Higher Self and look at your Energy System. In this opening, I ask your Higher Self to help me identify what is most important and beneficial to you in this moment. As the client, you will also go inward and observe anything you are feeling in your body. We share our discoveries together throughout the appointment and use these messages of the body to release, enlighten, and manifest. Our collaboration around the energetic currents of your body is key to your healing! Modalities incorporated into sessions include energy work, breathwork, movement, meditation, sound, and healing touch.


Appointments are by Phone, Online, or In-person. 

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