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Healing with Lemons

Lemons are a great alkalizer, plus they help detox the liver and kidneys. A really simple detox is to take a whole organic lemon, cut off the ends (rind) and then puree the whole lemon (including the rind). You may have to add a small amount of water to get the blending started. A Bullet or Vitamix works great. Put the lemon puree in a small glass dish and keep in the refrigerator. Take 1 teaspoon, twice daily for a week, then increase to 1 tablespoon twice daily. The lemon puree is very refreshing and most people love it! Another lemon tip is to drink a coffee cup of hot water every morning on an empty stomach with the juice of half a fresh lemon. This is a great way to get the day going and the bitter of the lemon helps get the digestive juices flowing too. Do not microwave the water, use a coffee pot or boil the water on the stove. You can do the lemon puree and hot lemon water at the same time. Besides supporting the liver and kidneys, lemons can help with constipation, digestion (but do not drink with meals as you need your digestive acid to break down foods), and will clear skin spots (aging spots on your hands, neck, and face). These are actually liver spots and can go away on their own without laser treatments!

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