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The Work of the Soul

Simply living in today’s world is traumatic. For most of us staying centered, balanced, and grounded in oneself is a full time job. It’s all too easy to get caught up in our negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves or others and call it reality. Pain and suffering come from believing that our thoughts and feelings are real. Holding onto limiting thought or feeling patterns create recurrent behavioral habits that lead to more physical, mental, and emotional health problems. We don’t have to look far to notice the epidemic of depression and anxiety in our culture. It’s you, your friend, and your next door neighbor.

We have lost connection to our individual soul, to each other, and to the spiritual connection of love, the only thing that is real. We are continuously lured by the ego, a mental delusion that tells us we are separate, unloved, and alone thus making us fear versus love. The healing of our suffering from feeling alone or isolated comes from remembering who we are.

SoulWork is one process that allows us to remember who we are. We are all beings of love. That love exists even amongst life’s most difficult events, from heinous abuses to the loss of a loved one. SoulWork is a mind-body integrative therapy that incorporates bodywork, breath work, guided meditation, and self-inquiry for healing and balance. Through these processes, we acknowledge and embrace the grief over life’s losses and challenges rather than by-passing or avoiding them. Physical ailments are a doorway into the root causes of emotional discomfort and disease. SoulWork seeks to tap into this mind-body connection.

We are all products of our “family of origin”. Familial values and belief sets learned in our younger years stay with us into adulthood and create life patterns that can either help or hinder. SoulWork accesses the family of origin to help us understand our behaviors and the conflicts they create. Perhaps a strong sense of self was not developed within the family unit. Instead, dysfunctional issues like poor relationship models, self-loathing, and abuse were imprinted. The SoulWork process explores the timeline of these dysfunctionalities within the family of origins and form a baseline for healing.

The “inner child” is as integral to SoulWork as understanding the family of origins. The inner child is a reflection of our early childhood experiences and we are imprinted by the environment that surrounds us. This imprint sets the scenes that we recreate and repeat as adults. Without even knowing, we lead from this place of the adapted adult child, living from the child’s point of view in an adult body. Each of us is carrying different parts of our inner child that effects how we show up in the world. SoulWork gives us the opportunity to re-parent the inner child that is yearning for attention, understanding, care, and support.

As important as it is for your soul to address trauma, SoulWork is not exclusive to pain. SoulWork connects us with the manifestation of our life’s dreams and purpose. Additionally, we learn to develop healthy boundaries, increase creativity, and explore our free will. Deciding to love yourself and not be consumed by the lovelessness of the world is powerful medicine.

SoulWork is not a diagnosis, yet is led by spirit and the client’s intentions. Prayer invites direct communication between the mind and the higher self. Space is created for the journey of the client to explore their innermost messages. Often, these are the messages of our highest truth. The discovery of knowing oneself at these depths is all powerful.

SoulWork uses tools that integrate the mind-body connection through touch, talk, and imagery which actually changes brain chemistry. The amygdala, the emotional center in the brain, gets reprogrammed with positive memories overlaid onto the negative ones. The amygdala is responsible for both the formations and storage of memories associated with your emotions. Painful emotions of fear, anger, and sadness are involved as well as emotions of joy, happiness, and pleasure. We can overlay negative memories with positive ones through conditioning techniques like SoulWork.

In all SoulWork, nothing ever completely vanishes from our energy field. Rather, our soul becomes stronger, better, faster at recognizing situations that do not serve our highest good. A muscle requires exercise to become strong. Likewise, the brain must be trained on how to think. Learning to make optimal choices gives us the ability to move forward in our lives in a way that fulfills us rather than weakens us. Pain, sickness, and heartbreak are all part of normal life. We have to remember that just because these things exist in our life doesn’t mean that something is wrong. It simply means we are bruised and need time to heal. Mindful acknowledgment of these human conditions allows us to be more compassionate to ourselves and the world. SoulWork offers comfort to the soul by providing a path to the light. Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. We heal our lives when we change our patterns and how we think. SoulWork is the gift that connects us with powerful spiritual growth.

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